For Compliance With The Financial Conduct Authority Standards We Give The Following Information :-

Financial and Investment Activities :-

Ellipta are not engaged in a regulated activity as defined by the FCA.

Ellipta do not undertake personal investment on behalf of clients, nor give advice in that field of activity.

Client Relations :-

In exercising our obligations to our clients, and through them, the FCA, Ellipta expect to maintain good working relations with our clients and with their customers.

An individual Main Board Member is responsible for our relationship with each individual client.

We at Ellipta are committed to an open and co-operative attitude to all our clients in accordance with the recommendations of the FCA.

Our clients have access to our records at any time if they should require them.

Ellipta are committed to co-operation with the FCA when this is requested by any of our clients, or is required by FCA standards.

Ellipta are prepared to provide client and professional references to any firm or individual having valid reason to request them.


Ellipta are fully compliant with the requirements of GDPR


Ellipta Ltd has successfully completed the necessary stages to obtain approval under the ‘Financial Services Supplier Qualification System’ (FSQS)

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