What is ‘ClaimSpec+’?

Ellipta’s ‘ClaimSpec+’ system is one of the most sophisticated and powerful project pricing and management tool currently available in the UK insurance repair market. It provides the following unique benefits:

  • The size of its integral database means that the maximum number of scope items will be tendered via the system, and the use of Provisional Sums will therefore be minimised.
  • Facility for immediate on-site pricing and contractor selection.
  • Prices obtained are competitive and contractually binding upon the selected building contractor.
  • Tenders are benchmarked against recognised industry databases and subject to Ellipta’s ‘Maximum Price Guarantee’.
  • All prices obtained are transparent with both insurers and their customers.
  • Because all ‘ClaimSpec+’ prices are based upon competitive tendering, they can be relied upon to form the basis of fair and reasonable negotiation for alternative forms of settlement.
  • Retendering of prices only happens every six months, thereby protecting insurers from the possible adverse effects of post event inflation.

‘ClaimSpec+’ is carried by all of our engineers and surveyors when they first visit and inspect a property. It permits them to accurately measure and draw the property, and develop a bespoke and accurate schedule of repairs. It minimizes the use of provisional sums and prepares a detailed schedule in a manner which can be presented in an easy to read and understandable format.

Ellipta have developed their site-based systems using proven and sophisticated touch screen and internet technology. Our on-line continuous tendering system ensures that all our customers benefit from the best market rates available. Our arrangements with contractors protect from the post event inflation that often occurs in the market after claim surges, and ensures all customers significantly benefit from the competitive rates that Ellipta have already secured.

The system is also used for all subsequent interim contract valuations, variations, and final account calculations. This facilitates regular and reliable reserve updates to insurers. Use of the system means that all contract variations are properly recorded allowing complete transparency of the claim journey, and provides an audit trail of any additional expenditure.

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