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Who Are Ellipta?

Ellipta are a professional organisation of engineers and surveyors with vast experience and expertise in both the insurance and construction industries. We specialise in the correct identification, diagnosis, and rectification of property defects and damage, using our qualified surveyors and engineers. We also offer access to our nationwide network of reliable local contractors.

Should your Insurers or Loss Adjuster suggest the engagement of an independent engineer, surveyor, or project manager, then Ellipta would be happy to help !

Why Use Ellipta?

Our extensive knowledge of the insurance market allows us to provide independent representation to individual Policyholders, Brokers, and Intermediaries in the event of a property damage claim for any peril such as fire, flood, impact, subsidence, escaping water or oil, as well as accidental or malicious damage.

Our use of a multi-disciplined technical resource ensures that your buildings damage claim is dealt with properly, correctly, and speedily with the minimum of disruption, in order to give you complete peace of mind, and leaving you free to get your life and business back on track.

Our Promise To You

  • Initial visit normally within a few days of our instruction
  • Correct and speedy diagnosis
  • Proper on-site scoping of all necessary works
  • Issue of our scope within a few days of our visit
  • Direct and independent liaison with your insurer to agree contents of scope
  • A speedy and competitive tendering process within a few days of scope approval
  • The use of fully vetted local contractors with local reputations to protect
  • Independent and professional Contract Administration services

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