Why Us
For Rapid Technical Solutions That Add Value

Ellipta provides the UK insurance market with high quality technical services that in particular streamline the resolution of property claims and lowers overall costs to insurers, whilst enhancing service to policyholders.

For Service Throughout the UK

Ellipta currently maintains 18 offices throughout the UK (including Northern Ireland) providing strong regional coverage and immediate response to incidents and events when required.

For An Instant and Reliable Supply Chain

To provide outstanding service to policyholders, Ellipta maintains a responsive and reliable national network of local contractors, whom we regularly work with to jointly eliminate confusion, waste and delay. Our high quality local contractors have local reputations to protect, and Ellipta adds no 'mark-up' or management charges whatsoever to their costs.

To Improve Your Work Processes

If you place a suitable book of business with us we offer to work with you to streamline the whole process of working together so that you save money. We will work together to establish a market leading process that will avoid duplication of work, minimise waste of valuable resources, and enhance your own brand.

For Accurate Reserving

Ellipta has established a good track record in providing accurate reserves. We provide best, worst and likely reserve scenarios to enable you to better appreciate the risk inherent in every claim and act accordingly.

To Keep You In Touch With What Is Going On.

Ellipta carefully tracks the progress of claims using bespoke claim management software, keeping records of who said what to whom and when. Regular management information and performance reports can be provided to suit individual insurers requirements.
A Single Point Of Contact

In fact we offer two! Our Customer Focus Unit will receive and manage any claim regardless of it's location or type and act as the primary point of contact for policyholders. Focussed solely on enhancing the customer claims experience, this team will always be available to answer queries or concerns. Direct access to our regional technical experts is also available when in depth or specialist advice is required by the policyholder.

To Strengthen Your Existing Supply Chain

Ellipta will happily work alongside any of your existing suppliers, where you believe that the use of collaborative arrangements best suit your business needs.

To Delegate A Task

Ellipta are used to working under Delegated Authority and are willing to manage and settle your technical issues within parameters agreed between us; reducing the workload on your in-house staff, and being able to rely on us to do the rest.

Accountability and Reliability

Ellipta acknowledge that it is our responsibility to take complete ownership of claims and repeatedly deliver cost effective, quality solutions from instruction through to completion.

Our services are provided in a transparent manner, with a complete audit trail available.

Ellipta's quality is maintained by a process of both internal and external audit, as well as in-house ISO9001 systems.

Tailor made management information and performance statistics are provided to our clients on a regular basis and are subject to constant review and continuous improvements.

Full business continuity plans are in place, so as to minimise the potential impact of unforeseeable events.
Address Ellipta Limited, Prospect House, 1 Highpoint Business Village , Henwood, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8DH.          Telephone 01233505150          Email info@ellipta.org
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