Our Promise

We will reduce the overall cost of technical claims to your organisation whilst enhancing service to policyholders.

We will respond quickly to your instructions and take action to mitigate losses

We will enhance your customer's claims experience and reduce complaints

We will always be available to respond to your customers queries and concerns
We will always act professionally, fairly and impartially

We only use Ellipta approved 'local' builders who have 'local' reputations to protect

We will provide services with complete transparency, and agree to be subject to any external auditing arrangements that you may require

We will ensure that insurer's obligations under CDM 2007 are complied with.
Address Ellipta Limited, Prospect House, 1 Highpoint Business Village , Henwood, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8DH.          Telephone 01233505150          Email info@ellipta.org
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